Welcome to my Final Chapter

One time, many years ago, I went into a café where there is a board posting memorable messages. On it, it was written “No one will live forever but each one can achieve something that will last forever” – and this message sticks to my mind ever since.

The Dreams

My dreams and failures,

written with eternal hope

and aspiration.

Thinking Aloud

What if we just tried? What if we don’t try?

Let’s share the fantasies.

Last Chapter

I am devoting the last chapter of my life in providing Agriculture/Farm products for Asia.

Really Winning The Chinese Market by John B. Wu© Destiny 2013

Opportunities in the frozen meat sector in the China markets, with over 5 years of research conducted.

Success in China with Everyone’s Economic Realities in Mind

CHINA – home to 23% of the world’s population

CHINA – on course to become the world’s second biggest economy this year

CHINA – the immense demand for foreign Foodstuffs and Wines will continue to grow

CHINA – the world’s largest exporting market is a now a certainty

This Global Promise Is Presented By Destiny2013.org

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